Terms and conditions
The following Terms & Conditions apply to all Members of School Circle:

1. To become a Member of School Circle you must first follow the process outlined in this website for Becoming a Member.

2. Members will be required to provide certain information to allow the status of the membership to be maintained. Such information is: name; email address; connection to the nominated School Circle.

3. Members are limited to one or more of the following associations to the corresponding school within your School Circle: Parent or Guardian of a child currently at the school; Alumnus of the school; Parent or Guardian of an Alumnus at the school; Grandparent of a current student or Alumnus; Direct relationship with the school (staff member, regular stall holder for Fairs etc, broadly recognised member of the community not fitting the above categories).

4. The relevant school and School Circle reserve the right to de-activate your Membership should it become known that information provided in your application is inaccurate or false.

5. You are entitled to become a Member of more than one School Circle providing you meet the Membership criteria for that second or additional School Circles.

6. School Circle reserves the right to add further information requirements necessary to become a member in the future or in order to retain your Membership.

7. School Circle reserves the right to add or extend additional criteria to include more possible Members of the School Circle.

8. Members are entitled to de-activate their Membership at any time.

9. Becoming a Member is FREE.

10. School Circle reserves the right to provide Members' email addresses to their School and to other Members of their School Circle for the purposes of making contact with Members from time to time.
For Members Creating Listing Content
The following additional Terms & Conditions apply to those Members who have created a Listing(s) for a Business, Skill and/or Event or Activity:

1. Only Members can add/delete/edit a Listing(s).

2. All information must be in a form acceptable to School Circle and in accordance with the framework provided for of this website.

3. The Business, Skill and/or Event or Activity Listing owner acknowledges that changes may be required to the site on a regular basis as it is updated, scaled and expanded as more such listings are made.

4. School Circle reserves the right to remove or refuse an entry or listing at any time without the prior consent of the Business, Skill and/or Event or Activity owner.

5. Information displayed on the website is to be checked and amended by the Business, Skill and/or Event or Activity owner. Notifications for assistance from School Circle will be addressed on an as soon as practicable basis.

6. Promises or commitments made on the website by a Business, Skill and/or Event or Activity owner are at its discretion and School Circle assumes these are bona fide and entered in good faith. For instance, School Circle assumes that discounts or contributions promised to the community and school are honoured faithfully.

7. The corresponding school of a School Circle reserves the right to remove reference to its name on this website at any time without notice.