School Circle's Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy covers the domain name:

At School Circle we regard your privacy as extremely important and fundamental to the successful working of School Circle. We will never pass your contact details onto third parties for commercial purposes without your written permission.

We may from time to time need to forward your contact email through to the relevant School within your School Circle. This will allow an appointed representative of the School to be in contact with you.

School Circle, by its nature, is a site for sharing information about businesses, expertise and events for people involved with your School Circle community. The vast majority of information collected and stored by School Circle is accessible on the website.

All of this information is written by, and therefore pre-approved for publication by the signed-in Member, who has chosen to communicate via their relevant School Circle, about their business, skill and/or events.

Member Profiles will be displayed to Members who are signed into your relevant School Circle.

School Circle may from time to time forward details of upcoming events or changes to administration procedures to Members. School Circle uses personally identifiable information for essential communications to Members and will do this via email.

Information that is collected is stored on a secure database using a third party host provider (which may store data outside of Australia). Access to this database is highly restrictive and requires generally accepted industry standard authentication procedures. School Circle reserves the right to engage third party providers of services from time to time to undertake the effective administration of the website. If this is the case some of the personal information stored on the database may need to be forwarded to this provider. School Circle also reserves the right to disclose information stored in its database to authorities as required by law or judicial proceeding.

Links on the School Circle website to external entities are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

School Circle may from time to time make changes to its Privacy Policy. If so, it will first publish such changes on the website and notify the Members.

If School Circle becomes aware of a breach of security it will, as soon as practicable, identify the cause and if necessary shut down the website until the breach is corrected.

School Circle uses its best endeavours to ensure the information for each business, skill and/or event listing is displayed correctly but it is up to the Member to review, amend or notify School Circle if errors exist.

School Circle accepts no liability for information that may be displayed incorrectly, links being inoperative or a website malfunction resulting in loss or corruption of information.

School Circle does not check, audit or review the effacacy, accuracy or bona fide nature of all of the information entered by a Member and as such accepts no liability for inaccuracies, overtstatements or unfulfilled promises.

The Administrators of School Circle do have businesses, skills and/or events listed on School Circle.