When would I use School Circle?
0. You are the newly appointed Treasurer of your School Parent Association and you want to do a spectacular job raising funds for the proposed new gymnasium (hall, scholarship fund, class room etc). You decide to invite all the businesses owned by parents to list on the School Circle ONLINE BUSINESS DIRECTORY and charge them $100 per annum. You raise 000's of dollars with far less effort than anyone before you!

1. A particular year decides to host a parent evening on the harbour. They search the ONLINE BUSINESS DIRECTORY and discover a company owned by some parents. They choose this company over another and enjoy a discount since they are part of the community.

2. You cannot remember the first name of "hmm hmm", the parent of one of your son's newer friends. You sneak home and put their surname in the SEARCH box, and their full name and photo comes up because they have created an informative PROFILE.

3. Someone is looking for a special gift. They search the word “gift” and every business that has something that can be given as a present appears because they've put GIFT as a tag when they listed their business in the ONLINE DIRECTORY.

4. You have a musical instrument (or 3) that has been sitting in the cupboard for too long. You list it on the NOTICEBOARD and it is snapped up within 2 days. (The same applies to school uniforms, old books, sporting gear etc).

5. You are amazingly skilled at felting, knitting, craft, bingo, trivial pursuit, music, composting (fill in the blanks) and are very happy to be drawn on for school fairs, fundraisers, sports carnivals etc etc. You are easy to find because you've listed all these in your PROFILE.

6. You have just been handed the role of "President of the Parent Association" and you have no idea where to begin (the old President has vanished). You turn to the Parent Association CIRCLE on your School Circle site and all their past minutes and advice for running Events is neatly filed there. You smile and think: this won't be as hard as I thought.

7. You’re studying and are wondering if any one else in the school community has ever studied underwater basket-weaving, nursing, an MBA, Traditional Chinese Medicine etc. You’d like a conversation with them to compare notes, hunt down a text book or think about employment prospects so you post a note on the NOTICEBOARD.

8. You run regular yoga, meditation, pilates, aerobics, aikido, macramé, felting workshops and want to get the word out. List the dates, time, location on the CALENDAR and off you go.

9. You have been delegated coordinating the School Auction. You panic and then remember School Circle has an AUCTION feature that allows for beautiful photos of the items to be uploaded in advance of the event to whet people's appetites, and online bidding.

10. You run the chess club and want an easy way to communicate with all members with the click of a single button. You create a Chess Club CIRCLE and that gives you your own Calendar and Noticeboard as well!

11. You're a recent ALUMNI of the school and you've started a new business. You decide to list it on the School Circle DIRECTORY because you feel the parent community will support you and help get it off the ground.