Making Contributions to your School
One of the three purposes of School Circle is to facilitate the raising of funds for your school - Contributions.

Most schools tend to need more funds than they are currently provided with through tuition fees and government contributions. All Schools have an active parent body (P&F or P&C) that aims to raise those additional funds throughout the year.

School Circle provides an easy way to supplement the work already carried on by these parent bodies. The School Circle funding mechanism is consistent, ongoing and likely to grow as more and more parents, grandparents, alumni and other community members become active on your school's School Circle.

The Contributions generated by School Circle can be allocated to particular projects, whether it's a new music room, better sporting equipment or a scholarship fund, all of which ultimately create better learning environments and educational outcomes for our children.

For some Schools, the Members may wish to dedicate their Contribution to a particular building project, new hall, a better climbing frame in the playground, more musical instruments or a scholarship fund. In such cases the specific project that is being funded will be highlighted on the tally badge. In some instances depending on the school's financial arrangements, these contributions may become tax deductible, something your school will arrange and communicate with you.